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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  December 12, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute this will be a big week with
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that huge fight for the president and his own party about the tax cuts. >> democrats are loudly rumbling about the present tax bill. as with the majority in the house and the majority and a senate, we cannot. >> many suggest this deal is take-it-or-leave-it. >> the answer is now. we are not interested in changing this deal. we are interested in passing it through. >> the senate is expected to pass it tomorrow. it will extend the bush cast tucks -- the bush tax cuts, even for the wealthy, extending the and implement benefits. even outraged democrats are talking about the new estate taxes. >> over 10 years, it is $115 billion. >> the president's a deal would
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send tax rates up 35%. but democrats want a 45% hike. democrats are expected to demand changes. >> maybe it needs a small change that does not change the bill significantly enough and then they can say that we were able to show that, when we want change, we get change. >> we have a framework. we have an agreement. i do not expected to change greatly. i think we will get some support on both sides of the aisle. >> democrat house leaders say they will fight, questioning the estate tax. they did signal that they will not block passage. >> i think that simple question should be put to the test. >> i guess, the first test vote in the senate is tomorrow. i spoke with dick sherman about
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what we could expect in the tax cut battle. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> this is the first real hurdle in the senate. it is expected to pass the senate. >> house democrats are making a lot of noise about it. progressives are saying that obama compromised too quickly, give up a lot of things that they wanted. they are saddened by the estate tax provision. a lot of things are getting them angry. they see the present move toward the middle, which is not something they like. >> if it does not pass in the house, republicans say, look, we will pass something either way at least in january. >> republicans take over the house on january 3. they do not want tax rates to go up for anybody, they are saying. but if the democrats cannot pass it under their leadership, they will make the unemployment provision,/a lot of spending in
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different areas, and they say -- slash a lot of spending in different eras, and they say they will extend the tax cuts permanently, not temporarily, for everyone. >> visit more that the president is moving toward the middle -- is it more that the president is moving toward the middle and this is strategic? >> i think it is both. he recognizes that the democrats have the keys to the car right now, as he would say. they hold his political fortunes and he does not want the republicans to do this. congressional democrats know they will get a lot less in a couple of weeks. >> in terms of 2012, how is he respected renown? he has a lot of members of the party working against him. >> democrats lasted two years doing all of the president's
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bidding. health care, capt. trade legislation, all of these things that they really wanted and loved. before the republicans take over the house, they are seeing him move toward the middle. he is not talking much to democrats. he has to work with the republicans to get these things done. paine's then to see their president give up or -- it pains them to see their president give up or capitulate and they are not happy about it. it makes them feel uncomfortable. >> president clinton speaking from the white house, what message were they trying to send? >> president obama came out with him. he said that he had to go meet his wife and then president clinton held court for another 15 minutes. they want him up on the hill. they want him to do the work. bill clinton is known as one of the party's great communicators.
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he cemented that last week when he did that with obama. >> the front page of the "new york times" had clinton right there and the president walking away. it looked symbolic. >> absolutely. >> we will watch him. it affects a lot of people. politically, it is a rollercoaster. thank you so much. >> thank you. the man accused of trying to blow up a baltimore county recruiting center is due in federal court tomorrow. the fbi says that antonio martinez who calls himself muhammed hussein attempted to detonate a bomb at the facility. no one was in danger during the operation. martinez is charged with attempted murder and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. the ninth street nightclub known for its in the bands may reopen.
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five employees, including a co- owner, were initially charged in a man's death. charges were dropped. then the ninth district ruled that the club could be reopened. in the liquor board disallowed the bar from rehiring any of the previous employees until after january 19. the fda says that four loco and other alcoholic energy drinks are unsafe. four loco intends to remove the caffeine from the drink and put it back on the market. take a look at the top headlines and who may become "time magazine's" person of the year.
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the power of your imagination may be the trick. we have snow showers forecast for tonight and tomorrow. get ready for the windy and cold weather on tuesday. detail
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a celebrity chef is set to
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be sentence for trying to hire a homeless man to kill his wife. the sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow. oakwood time magazine" is said to name its person of the set to- ", managing" is sen named its person of the year. -- "time magazine" is set to name its person of the year. the awards show is a precursor to the oscars and air january 16. comedian rickie gervais will be the host. the capitals are home against the -- on tuesday.
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and a police pursuit in prince george's county -- police were trying to pull over a suspect. he bail that of his car in laurel. the suspect is why it in a purse snatching in the area appeared he was able to get away. -- the suspect is wanted in a purse snatching in the area. he was able to get away. there were lots of cancellations and delays at reagan national airport. expectancy patches of black ice if temperatures dip below freezing tonight. >> behind this, frigid and arctic and cold air. if you look at pennsylvania at this hour, the roadways are still what appeared -- if you look at pennsylvania avenue at this hour, the roadways are
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still wet. 1 inch of rain in annapolis with current temperatures at 39 degrees. it will got well into the 50's today. it is 36 degrees in bethesda and 37 degrees in manassas. the record is 71 degrees back in 1873. it is a longstanding record and it will continue. the wind chill factor is not so bad, 37 degrees. but it is coming, the cold air. gaithersburg is also at 37 degrees right now. you can see the colder air to the west of us. you can see 80 degrees in detroit. chicago finally -- you can see 18 degrees in detroit. chicago finally called off their weather alert.
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here is the spin in the atmosphere. the low pressure will move out of here. now we have a few scattered snow showers. tonight, there is not a whole lot of worry for accumulation. looking at the radar, off to the west of us, there is still a storm warning in effect for western maryland. this is for the overnight hours, tomorrow, and into tuesday. there could be 6 inches to 12 inches of snow and wind gusts up to it 12 miles per hour. for the immediate manager, there are no advisories' to worry about. we will clear out nicely on tuesday, but the wind will pick up out of the north and west. we will see wind gusts in the metro area from about 30 miles
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per hour to 40 m.p.h.. the highs will be in the lower- to man all -- lower-to-middle 30's. here is the extended outlook. our temperatures will rebound to near 40 degrees by the end of the coming work week. there is no big storm in the foreseeable future. that is good news considering what we went through this weekend. when it comes to losing weight, it is apparently mind over matter. using your imagination may be the key to slimming down. >> we all have that one week spot. >> might fit weakness is ice- cream. >> -- my food weakness is ice cream. >> this time of year, i love pumpkin. >> i crave chocolate. >> but if you want to eat less of what you love, do not stop
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thinking about it. instead, imagine savoring it, one delicious bite at a time. researchers told a group of people to imagine eating 30 &m's one by one. the other group were told to imagine it and the first were given a bowl of them. >> it gives you a similar response to if you actually eat the food. >> imagining something pleasant triggers dopamine in the brain, giving the feeling that you are actually doing it. what would it take to curb my craving for a big walbeck mac? >> in that -- for a big old big mac? >> just imagine chewing it, tasting, and swallowing it.
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it is good to be green. a recent study found 73% more green products on store shelves than last year. how does a customer know just how green they are? >> this is a a very savvy shopper. but figuring out -- this is a
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very savvy shopper. but figuring out what is green is hard to figure out. from that picture, can you tell if it is green? >> you cannot. >> her new year's resolution is that isgreen, but admits wha hard to figure out what to buy. >> what we see is a lack of proof in the stores. >> of their review of 5000 plus products claiming to be environmentally friendly found that 95% committed what they call green-washing. >> if you are making the environment green, you should provide some evidence or certification. >> take these diapers. it says pierre and natural. but how do you know it is pure and natural?
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you can read the label. here is the trademark. but you do not see any independent certification. we had to call them to find out if this meets usda organic standards. you have to watch out for relevant claims. you also have to watch for vague terms like "mother earth approved." read closely. >> as a consumer, i read the product and i do not know what that means. it is too vague. >> look for a market that shows that the product has been certified.
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we will clear things out nice play. tomorrow, be prepared for a little bit of black as, especially for the morning rush hour commute. -- black ice, especially for the morning rush hour commute. temperatures will be in the upper-20's for daytime highs. for an update, look at the forecast 24 hours a day. head over to our website. get the latest forecast and extended outlook and a look at
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the satellite and radar maps. >> ♪electronic santa song ♪electronic santa song ♪electronic santa song
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